Toxic Chemicals, Household Items, and Children … How Best to Childproof?

Every so often, West Bend Insurance sends out a notice/reminder, often prompted by one of their loss prevention reps. In a recent email, they sent an important reminder about toxic chemicals within a child care situation. Of course, these reminders are also useful to parents of young children. In the email, they tell of a child who went into the bathroom a few seconds before the caregiver. This was enough time for the child to spill out a toxic chemical that someone had left out and unlocked. Thankfully, the child did not ingest the chemical. But this is a great reminder of how little time it takes for a child to get

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into something unsafe.

There are many wonderful resources available to help child care workers and parents alike childproof their setting. For those in child care, always be sure to check with your state’s licensing rules and regulations. A few other resources worth checking out:

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