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Twenty-two years ago, I purchased a small, failing car stereo shop called Transportation Electronics. In that transaction, I acquired a pile of out of date inventory, a staff who had what might generously be called “issues”, a not insubstantial amount of debt, and an insurance agent named Debe Marofsky. The ONLY thing I kept was Debe. I, without reservation, recommend Debe Marofsky and her team at Affiliated Insurance for all of your insurance needs. They are the only group I trust to protect my home, my cars, and yes, my business. My trust and confidence in Debe comes from the fact that for over 20 years, she has been the one who thinks about the things I don’t want to worry about, and is there to guide and advise when something does goes wrong.

-Benjamin Adams, Primrose School of Chanhassen and Primrose School of Eden Prairie

As an independent agency their associates shop for the best coverage for “me”.  My children’s coverage is placed with different carriers. I don’t have to ask for better rates, they find them for me and for my children. One carrier does not fit all. Rates are always competitive. More importantly for me though is that the coverage is comprehensive. They look for the best coverage for each situation. Debe and her associates know our names. They go the extra mile, they explain things (why this is better or more complete). As a business owner myself, I appreciate that they follow up on the referrals I give them, timely and professionally, understanding that my reputation is on the line too. They always have a smile in their voice and are happy to hear from me. I can, and do, recommend Debe Marofsky and all of her associates at Affiliated Insurance Services to my friends, neighbors, other business owners, family and relatives, without hesitation. I recommend you get to know them also. They are without a doubt, an insurance agency you will keep.

-Patrick Montgomery

I have known Debe for many years and I am truly grateful for her contribution and participation as a board member for West Bend’s Childcare Advisory Board.  Her professionalism and experience in this field has provided our company with a stronger awareness of the over-all important changes that are needed for childcare insurance.

Debe is a person that is truly dedicated to serve the needs of childcare providers and is very attentive to their operations as she understands the complexity of their childcare business exposures.  Her expertise and detailed knowledge within the childcare industry makes her an excellent speaker and advocate for childcare safety.

It is an honor and a privilege to know and work directly with Debe Marofsky as she truly cares about others.

-Michelle B, Childcare Program Supervisor   

NSI, a Division of West Bend Mutual

I have been a client of Affiliated Insurance for over 15 years. I possess both auto and home-owners policies with Affiliated. In the competent hands of Debe Marofsky and her staff, I have been shown nothing but professionalism, expertise, and kindness. Debe has proven her acute awareness of the insurance industry regarding my needs in every situation, concerns, and questions I have addressed. I feel fully confident with Affiliated and recommend their services to anyone who wants nothing but the best when it comes to insurance requirements.


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your quick response. After speaking to you, I submitted a claim for vandalism of our playground equipment and we received a check the following day. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of reporting the claim and how quickly everything fell into place. The center replaced the playground structure the following week and both the staff and children were very pleased. No one will ever convince me to switch agents.

-Mary Jane R., Children’s Village Montessori Daycare

It is a pleasure to work with Affiliated Insurance! They provide personalized, caring, proactive service. They know my name and all about my company – I’m not just a number to them. They really go the extra mile! They will contact me first if there is any kind of issue, preventing a problem from developing! They are knowledgeable and provide excellent insurance service, and they do it all in a kind, caring way!

-Joan V, Nursing Agency

I have known Debe Marofsky and worked with Affiliated Insurance since I was a Director of a Primrose School in Minnesota in 2006. When we became Franchise Owners of the first Primrose School in Wisconsin, the opportunity to work with her again provided me with pure joy! Anytime we need anything insurance related, Debe and her staff are on top of it, getting us what we need typically the same day! She’s not just an agent either … she’s a friend .. she’s family! Anyone wanting to work with Affiliated Insurance … and Debe … will not be disappointed!

-Amanda Kienbaum, Primrose School of Middleton

I am pleased to recommend Debe Marofsky and Affiliated Insurance Services for your business insurance needs. I have known Debe and have had insurance coverage through Affiliated Insurance Services for the past 20 years. As a busy owner of four child centers, taking the time to constantly review insurance needs and research adequate and complete coverage could be quite exhausting. Working with Debe has taken the stress and confusion away and allowed my focus to remain on the children, parents and staff as it should be. Debe impressed me with her knowledge, sensitivity and understanding of the child care industry. She is very professional, yet warm and friendly with me and all of my staff. Debe consistently delivers the types of programs and solutions that are necessary to prepare for any incidents that may occur. I have always enjoyed her drive, energy and enthusiasm. As an owner it is difficult to imagine an incident that could jeopardize or paralyze your business. I found out that no matter how prepared you think you are, the emotional stress is over whelming. During that time of need, it helps to call on and depend on professionals and friends like Debe. She was there for every question and was very reassuring and helped the outcome to be resolved in a timely manner. It is my personal feeling that the essence of good customer service is to form a relationship with each and every customer. I would certainly recommend Debe, and Affiliated Insurance for any of your insurance needs where trustworthiness, reliability and dedication to service is a must.

-Jennifer Nellis

As a self-employed professional working from my home, Debe and her staff at Affiliated Insurance have provided my personal and professional insurance needs for over 20 years. I know that they are continually finding the best coverage for MY needs at the best cost and not pushing me to purchase insurance that I don’t need.

-Kathleen Murphy

I want to thank you for all the years of great service that Affiliated Insurance has provided for our family. Your customer service has always been above and beyond!! We have used your company for our business, our home, and our cars and on your recommendation, life insurance needs. You have been a source of valuable information when we needed to choose our coverage and a calm voice when emergency strikes and we have needed to implement our policies. Thank you for your service and friendship.

-Candee Kvasnik

I am not surprised to hear how much you love helping people. It was obvious to me from the first time we talked way back when. You could not have been kinder or more clear to me in all of your explanations and candor. You could have ignored me forever and left me hanging, I know that, but you didn’t. You gave me the best service and advise I could ever hope of getting. You treated me, a stranger, better than the folks at my doctor’s office where I have been going for over 30 years. Thanks is just not a big enough word to express by gratitude. Thank you and thanks to your staff for going so far and above what you needed to do on my behalf.

-Mike and Barbara Detlefsen

When I’m working with a company on improving cash flow and reducing expenses, Debe is at the top of my check list. Her extraordinary commitment to service has saved my clients tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary premiums while providing coverage that fits the unique needs of each one. Her response times on claims and ability to get to the right person for the answers we need has redefined the term “insurance agent.”

-Sam Zordich, Stonegate Growth Strategies

Debe Marofsky has been my insurance agent for more than 30! years. Because of the genuine care, service, high degree of professionalism and experience with the insurance industry, she has been an invaluable part of my personal and business life. Years ago, Debe taught me the importance of having a good relationship with a broker who knows me and my business, the insurance business and how to work in my best interest at the time of loss. In the middle of a photo shoot, my cameras were stolen from my home. Even though I had not yet paid the first premium on my new replacement cost business insurance, with one call from me, Debe made sure I had a check from the new company by early the next morning to replace what was stolen. Not a beat was skipped for my client and me thanks to her abilities and know how. When I had a concern about the character and behavior of the person who arrived for roadside service for a flat tire, I phoned Debe with the story. She immediately was in contact with the auto insurance company. The next morning, I had a call from the auto insurance customer service agent sincerely apologizing and taking the details of my story to talk with their subcontractor. Without my ever having to even think about it, let alone remind Affiliated, they send a yearly statement of required business insurance to my townhome association board. With so many parts of our lives having to be constantly monitored, I have such a relief and sense of security knowing Debe and those at Affiliated are truly doing their jobs. I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of changing agencies. It’s not just writing the appropriate policy at a good price that counts. I know they have my back and will be there for me.

-Alice Meadow

Affiliated Insurance has provided me with the highest level of service for both my home and auto insurance policies. After searching for the best rates from many insurance providers, Affiliated was able to save me with a significant amount by combining my home and auto policies into one. Affiliated Insurance representatives are extremely professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Affiliated to anyone seeking low insurance rates and excellent customer service.


Debe has been our agent for 15+ years and I refer clients to her with complete confidence. Affiliated combines the best of both product and service. She and her staff have consistently gone above and beyond to provide exceptional client service. My questions and concerns are addressed promptly, thoroughly and pleasantly. Debe has even come out to my center and provided impactful safety training specific to my business for my entire staff-at our convenience. Affiliated has been there to assist me at every twist and turn-often before I was even aware that I was approaching one. She truly takes good care of us!

-Catherine, Woodview Terrace Montessori

I have known Ms. Marofsky professionally for over 20 years.  She has made presentations at the annual conferences of the Minnesota Child Care Association and has earned excellent reviews from the attendees.  She has also provided trainings for staff at my own centers.  She is always well-prepared and is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise.  Her focus us always on the management and reduction of risk-areas not addressed by most trainers.

-Connie, Ladybug Child Care Center

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