Home Renovations Your Insurance Agent Needs to Know About

October 3, 2018

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Home renovations are exciting! You’re picking a contractor, deciding on finishes, maybe adding on to your home. There are so many things to consider!

One thing often overlooked is an update to your insurance coverage. You don’t want to spend all of this money and time on something and leave it exposed and at risk!

So if you are doing any kind of home improvement projects or renovations, please call us at 763-551-1300. We will tell you if your insurance policy needs to be adjusted!

This article from Property Casualty 360 describes six times when it’s really important to discuss home changes with us, your insurance agency. Some of these items include:

  • Building a new addition. This can change the value of your home, and therefore your coverage needs.
  • Building a pool. This significantly increases your liability as a home owner. Make sure you are covered!
  • Adding a deck. This is especially true if the deck is being added to a second story or higher. Call us to see if it affects your coverage and rates.

Be sure to click through to the article to see the rest of the list!