Start the New Year with a Home Inventory List!

December 18, 2019

As we come to the end of 2019 and look forward to 2020, many will declare a New Year’s Resolution. Many times, these resolutions revolve around health. Sometimes, around relationships or time management. But may we add a suggestion? Consider creating a home inventory list.

While this might not seem as life-changing as joining a gym or purging your home Marie Kondo style, we guarantee it WILL be life changing for you if you are ever in a position to file a claim. Imagine if your house burned down? Or your basement was flooded? Would you really be able to remember all of your most important and valuable possessions in that moment of stress? A home inventory list allows you to create a list of these things when the pressure is low, and when you are thinking clearly. Just remember … all of the little items add up too! And in the event of a claim, having a home inventory list can help move the process along quicker.

So how do you start? Remember that even an incomplete list is better than NO list. So start small, and move along from there. For instance, start by adding all computers/laptops to your list. Don’t forget their serial numbers! Or start in one room, maybe your kitchen, and take pictures of each cupboard. Photos are a great, quick way to create a “list”. Just be sure those photos are backed up somewhere other than on your phone!

Want to use technology to help? There are many smart-phone apps that can help you create a list. You can even find free templates online if you’re more of a pen-to-paper kind of person.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget about your garage, shed, or any off-site storage facilities.
  • Own a business? Consider making an inventory for those items, too.
  • Keep the momentum going. Remember to add any new purchases to your list. If you add as things come into your house, you won’t have a big, overwhelming task ahead of you again in the future.
  • Make the New Year your reminder each year to make sure your inventory is up-to-date!
  • Keep proof of value for any big ticket items (appraisals, receipts, etc.).
  • Grab any identifying information that might be needed to replace with a like-quality item … think serial numbers, make and model, etc.
  • For more general items, record quantities – such as 7 sweaters, 4 pairs of jeans, etc. Note anything of particularly nicer value.
  • While working on your inventory list, consider your things of increased value (art, jewelry, and the like). Do you have any special coverages on these items? If not, consider adding coverage. Call us at 763-551-1300 to discuss these options.