Water Damage Prevention Tips for Your Home

October 3, 2018

Water Damage Prevention Infographic from Safeco.

According to this infographic from Safeco (Source: www.iii.org), “water damage is the second most filed loss experienced by homeowners and renters each year”.  The graphic goes on to further detail that 1 in 50 insured homes file a property damage claim each year from water or freezing.

What can you do to minimize your chance of living through this headache-inducing claim?

  • Know where your main water switch is for the house. If you have a pipe freeze or explode, you will want to shut off all water as quickly as possible to minimize the damage.
  • Monitor your water bill. If you see any unexplained spikes, you may have a leak somewhere.
  • Clean your gutters. This is an especially good thing to do this fall, before the snow flies! You don’t want clogged gutters once snow and ice start to melt. That can cause all kinds of problems right up through your roof.

Visit this infographic for additional tips and information on systems you can install to help alert you to problems earlier.